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Location Is Most Important If You Have A Sign
February 21st, 2012 9:23 AM
As a Commercial realtor, I am constantly amazed by businesses that do not invest in a visible location for their building. This is probably the best and cheapest form of advertising they could get. Then there is an even more curious lot who buys a highly visible location and puts up a sign that is barely readable and/or doesn't tell the public what they do. Does this make any sense to you? Getting help with exterior or interior signs is easy if you deal with professional companies. Dave Erby at the West Shore SIGN*A*RAMA at 3300 Simpson Ferry Road has a large showroom to help you make the best selection for exterior as well as interior signs and banners. He can even help you with the permit process if it is a new sign. You can reach Dave at 717-724-2221.

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